Tuesday, June 5, 2012

American women vs. Foreign women

There is a wheezing, crippling sickness in American society and it is called feminism. Feminism and the Marxist tactic of destroying the traditional role of the male has permeated every aspect of contemporary American society. It has to stop.

I can't say why I decided to write on this topic on a whim. Perhaps just a string of accumulated instances, experiences, and observations coming to a final angry culmination. Who knows. What I do know though is that feminism has done a great part in destroying this country and completely wiping out any respect or pride in the character of American and Westernized women. Speaking of that, if I grabbed your attention with the title, I apologize for the bait and switch. A more accurate title would be Westernized women vs. Foreign women. Foreign women representing mainly Latin American, Asian, and Eastern European countries, all places still relatively untouched by the pernicious fingers of feminism and female "liberation". While still ultimately somewhat secular progressive (the whole world seems to be drifting in this direction except for Muslim nations) these places are convents of chastity compared to the brothels of America and Western Europe.

Ideological feminism has ravaged the thinking, morality, and behavior of both sexes in the United States. The necessary battles of wage equality and fair treatment have transitioned to the second stage feminism "Girl Power" attitude that is full blown male hate. Feminism is no longer female empowerment. It is female dominance. Women have embraced this female superiority complex to such a degree, they now engage in willful male bashing that has seeped into the fabric of every day American life. There is a reason why the United States is at the top of the list for divorce rates in the world (ominously followed by a host of other "liberated" Western nations) and that American females initiate near 70% of those divorces. And have been ever since the sexual liberation/feminist movements came into play in the 1970s.

There is a complete, black and white difference in the attitudes, behaviors, and morality between Westernized, feminist indoctrinated women here in the United States, and those women of foreign nations that have been spared the hateful, ugly ideological chains of radical feminism. Only in America do you see women worshiped, men hated, and masculinity frowned upon and discouraged...unless it is espoused by a female. As a whole, American women, namely the younger 20 something, more radical Obama-style feminists, are high maintenance, spoiled, snobby, disloyal, competitive, obstreperous, controlling, materialistic, immoral, and extremely conceited. Foreign women (mainly Indians, Asians, and Latinas) on the other hand have a completely different demeanor altogether. They are naturally kind, gentle, humble, caring, nurturing, and above all feminine. Most still know what it means to be moral and committed for the long haul. I must stress...these characteristics on both sides are not representative of all women as a whole. As a matter of fact, there are many conservative American women who are in many ways just like foreign women. Same principles, morals, standards, behavior, etc.

Here in America men are hated and demonized and thrown away like disposable objects. A man who desires to be a leader, either in a relationship or in the workplace, is "oppressing" a woman. If a man desires to tap into his biologically hardwired inclinations to be the dominant Alpha Male figure, that all of a sudden equals evil, chauvinist oppression of women. The insanity has got to stop. Now, men are portrayed in everyday media as fools, phonys, and flimsy followers of women. Popular film, television, music, and advertising would be a good place to look if you haven't noticed this phenomenon already. This Marxist tactic is destroying the traditional role of the male in society as well as the women of America. I would argue, the sexually liberated women of America have done more damage to this country than any one president, Republican or Democrat. The sexually liberated, feminist women of America have murdered near 40 million children in the last 40 years because of their own coldhearted convenience. They have deprived millions of children of their biological fathers through judicially recognized "maternal presumption". They have initiated the vast majority of divorces. They wrongfully accuse men of rape on a consistent basis. They don't even desire to have children anymore. Look at the birth rates in America and the Western nations. It spells out disaster for Western civilization. Meanwhile Asians, Hispanics, and everyone else in the world still adhere to the traditional gender roles and their implications on the progress of society. Procreation and stable families = economic prosperity. Now in America our leaders are debating whether or not to outlaw sex selective abortion...only if it is a female. American women can choose to abort their children without the consent of the biological father. Then, if the by chance the child escapes the mother's instrument of death, chances are she will initiate a divorce anyway later in his/her life. Then chances are, the father will be forced to cede his children over to her, simply because he is the male and she is the female. Are men to blame in any of this? Of course in some instances. But feminism and feminist women who feel the world owes them everything just because they are women is the root of the problem. Why would any man even want to get married anymore in America? Does the word marriage even mean anything at all? Chances are, the wife will divorce him, take his children, and nickel and dime him for all his assets anyway, so what's the point?

This whole situation just stinks to high heaven. These liberal women and the emasculated men that march in lock step with them, including Sugar Daddy Obama and his composite female pet Julia, are destroying the fabric of American society. The definition of what it means to be a man and a woman has no meaning at all to them. That is a sad thing. The ironic part? The very title of the movement, Feminism, couldn't be further from femininity. Liberal American women are some of the most masculine people I've ever encountered. They swear like sailors, are as promiscuous as porn stars, and consistently want to be large and in charge. Anyone who has conversed with or known a Filipina, Latina, Japanese, or Indian woman can see the difference in behavior.

It's a sad state of affairs but one that must be confronted. I realize there are many decent, moral, beautiful, conservative women in America today but I must say, that number is dwindling and dwindling fast. As a young man who has formerly taken part in the contemporary dating scene, the potential keepers are few and far between and that is a very, very sad thing. The behavior of males is no better.

But I found a foreign woman some time ago. We met through a close friend and I must say, I am continually amazed even to this day at the stark contrast between her and her American counterparts. She is decent, moral, family oriented, loyal, caring, genuinely kind and loving, nurturing, and classy. She behaves as a woman should and embraces the idea of childbearing and motherhood not as a curse, but a blessing. She has a great personality and deep virtue. She is feminine and she values and respects masculinity and traditional male leadership. She also knows how to cook. (more than macaroni and cheese...) You don't find that in America these days, especially with younger American women. Now, before any feminists or emasculated liberal males reading this immediately scroll to the comment box to write about how chauvinist I am let me stop you right there and address your robotic, pre-programmed argument before you waste your breath. "Well you just want a weak woman you can control! You can't handle a woman who is smarter or better than you!" On the contrary, my traditional, foreign woman is smarter than me, in many aspects. And I am smarter than her in some aspects.. *GASP!* We have mutual respect for each other and a mutual understanding of what femininity and masculinity means. Being a traditional woman doesn't mean cooking, cleaning, staying at home and getting abused physically and verbally as you feminists love to spout and spew with your ugly, fugly, frothy, hateful, promiscuous mouths. There is a reason why no one wants to marry feminist women and that, if by chance someone does, it usually ends in divorce. Case closed.

Feminism says: "This is evil!"

Feminism has destroyed the traditional American cornerstone, the family, in the most savage and brutal of ways and our nation is sick because of it. The rock solid foundation of the family is directly tied to our economic prosperity. Entire generations are being raised in a society where the father is demonized, the mother praised, and females are worshiped like some Gaia deity while males and male influence and leadership is ridiculed and torn down. Boys are raised to act like girls and girls to act like boys. Unwanted children are simply aborted like useless farm animals if the convenience is not there. Few babies are even born anymore relative to the population because women no longer view being a mother and having children as important. The traditional family structure has been torn down by cultural marxism propagated by radical feminism and replaced with a system of inevitable societal collapse: the embrace of homosexuality and feminism and the disgrace of men and the father. That's a lethal combo. And liberal American women are to blame.

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Adrienne said...

The real losers are the women. They wanted to be "equal"? None of them to this day realize that in order to be "equal" they had to actually lower themselves.

I was brought up by a very wise (college educated/very smart) mother.

One of my favorite stories of how she thought: When I reached 16 (about 1961) and wanted a car, this is what she told me, "Look around at girls with cars. Who do you see in that car with her? You'll invariably see a gaggle of other girls riding around with her. Now look at the girl without a car. What you'll see is someone who has a willing boyfriend to schlep her around."

My mom was sooooooo right!!

And my favorite saying is, "My brilliance never, ever got me a job. It was my fabulous legs" (thanks mom for the legs.)

The average girl today looks and acts like a slovenly street hustler. I see them at the library when school lets out and I'm beyond amazed at their language and appearance. Both are awful.

Hack said...

"The real losers are the women."

Couldn't agree more. Feminism has only hurt women in the long run and it will only continue to keep hurting them.

CSB said...

There's still one place you can find well-mannered, conservative, American women: Church (well, most of them anyway). God's Word provides us with the best instructions on how to carry ourselves with grace, dignity, compassion, etc. As the Bible instructs...

"For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted." - Matthew 23:12

As a young black woman, I thank you Hack Wilson for having the courage to speak the truth to a society increasingly (and in many cases unknowingly) turning to evil.

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding." - Proverbs 9:10

Hack said...

Thank you CSB! Yes your are right about that. But sadly, as statistics show young people turning away from church at an astounding rate. Male and female.

Edwin said...

You put into words the feelings I have felt for many years. There are however, some men who take advantage of woman, and tell their wives to fetch them coffee or food, ect. True love is not about a power struggle but rather a willingness to do for each other. I dated only American woman, but finally came to the conclusion that I did not want a woman who has slept with over a dozen other men and I did not want a woman who thought I was only worth as much money or security I could provide. There are woman out there who still want true love without all the strings. They are usually found in a church somewhere and at a young age. If you miss that opportunity like I did, finding a foreign woman who will love you for you is the way to go. I am currently engaged to a filipina and I can see the difference like night and day. At least you won't have to worry if you get sick or injured, because they will most likely stay by your side in good times or bad. The greed and selfishness of a westernized woman just makes you wonder, because you never know what mode she will be in, if something tragic happens. Morals is the backbone of a society. I wish Westernized woman in general would learn about values, even if they are not interested in religion, because when woman learn to respect themselves, then maybe the Westernized men will start to respect them as well.

Hack said...

"True love is not about a power struggle but rather a willingness to do for each other."

Perfectly said! To the Western woman though, doing for the other is only acceptable if they get something in return.

Anonymous said...

As a female I loved this article. :") I'm an American female and can clearly see the author just wanted to show his perspective. I was also raised by foreign parents so I hope that doesn't affect my view. Still I loved it and hope that other women see that you don't have to worry about being subservient. Feminism shouldn't exist. What SHOULD EXIST is an organization dedicated to ensuring that America has more confident Women. I'm confident and that's how I married my husband.

Masculist Man said...

The real losers are the women. They wanted to be "equal"? None of them to this day realize that in order to be "equal" they had to actually lower themselves.

To what? The levels of men? Women have always seen themselves as superior to men. That's real easy considering most women don't have to do the dirty work men have to do.

One of my favorite stories of how she thought: When I reached 16 (about 1961) and wanted a car, this is what she told me, "Look around at girls with cars. Who do you see in that car with her? You'll invariably see a gaggle of other girls riding around with her. Now look at the girl without a car. What you'll see is someone who has a willing boyfriend to schlep her around."

A boyfriend or free chauffeur? If a guy chauffeurs her around what does he get out of it?

And my favorite saying is, "My brilliance never, ever got me a job. It was my fabulous legs" (thanks mom for the legs.)

So back then you would torture your male boss' libido,a power women have over men. Today women scream "sexual harassment" and expect a big payday (ca-ching royally) which can lead to the business going under (Sorry to lay you off because the company is going under Diligent Dan but we have to pay Suzie the Slut because her lack of clothing made men look too long so we're going out of business. I know you are a single father Diligent Dan but that is the way it goes. God help you God help everyone of us).

@Hack, There are a lot of Indian MRA's that will disagree with you concerning Indian women:https://www.facebook.com/groups/mensrightsgrp/